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“A Cycling Year” kickstarter by Heather Dawe 

Most of you will know the name Heather Dawe as that of the winner of the 2008 3 Peaks. Well…

Venn Diagram – the unofficial The Three Peaks Cyclocross T-Shirt now available!

Well… some of you asked. Your wish is my command. Buy the Three Peaks Cyclocross Venn diagram T-Shirt on Zazzle

Flyby on

These things can be a bit cheesy but it’s kind of fun for geeks. Very telling that my max heart…

The Three Peaks Cyclocross: Ace and Rubbish – (my own preview for this year’s race)

I’ve written a few bits and bobs over the years, but in preparation for this year’s race, I’ve realised how…

It’s cycling, it’s Yorkshire, and it’s NOT the 3 Peaks Cyclocross – SAMBA VELO

Yes – I know. Weird. There’s another event of some sort taking place in Yorkshire in July where the riders…

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