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Video of 2016 race. Pain is only Temporary – YouTube

  See if you can spot yourself in almost 25 minutes of footage from Horton, Cold Cotes, Penyghent… it’s quite…

Three Peaks 2016 short film by Alex Duffill on Vimeo

A film about the Three Peaks cyclocross race in Yorkshire, with interview from Paul Oldham, two time winner of the…

3 Peaks Training / Prep with Chris Metcalfe – Charge Bikes on YouTube

Nice video here from Alex Rankin with Charge Bikes team rider Chris Metcalfe aboard their ‘Plug’.

Flyby on

These things can be a bit cheesy but it’s kind of fun for geeks. Very telling that my max heart…

Pain is only temporary- a film by Rubén Sano

I’m posting this even before I’ve watched it. Saw the first few minutes and, as an obsessive and connoisseur, it…

2015 Video from Richie Hodges

Richie was at the start, Cold Cotes and Ribblehead and put together a tidy short film of the 2015 race

Cold Cotes and RIbblehead video from Phillip Marks

Not one heading for ‘best director’ but a bit of footage to remind us how lovely and sunny 2015 was

Rawnsley’s Leap marshalls – We Salute You

Great vid here from John Myhill on Vimeo 

Olivier & Jens of Team Abide ride the ‘peaks

Jens Frederickx and Olivier Sels made the trip from Belgium to ride the race – both of them for the…

Two more from the lens of Taylor

Ian Taylor of Jedi Cycle Sport has uploaded two more short films from the sharp end – the opening section…

Tom McGoldrick’s Three Peaks Cyclocross short film

Lovely film from 15 year old Tom Goldrick here on Youtube – well done Tom!

Ian Taylor’s Ingleborough Descent on camera

Ian Taylor carried an on-board GoPro for the first climb and decent [sic] of Ingleborough.  His descent was the fastest…

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