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Wheelbase’s 2023 race report

Unsurprisingly, the win of Giles Drake features heavily in the Lakeland cycle shop’s 2023 report heavily. And what a tale. Coming after a long drought for Wheelbase in the 3 Peaks (they used to have Rob Jebb in their ranks, and six of his 13 victories were in Wheelbase colours), it felt like a certain old order was restored (certainly for me, as a Wheelbase rider, too !!)

Their report and video of the 2023 race is here >>

It was interesting to note that riders who had the potential to be at the sharp end of the race were welcoming these difficult conditions with open arms, inspired by the challenge they would bring to the race and keen to cash in on the chance to establish large time gaps at key points of the course. Giles Drake could include himself in this select group of riders who had the skills, experience and sublime levels of fitness to race for the win; with an unfortunate run of bad luck affecting his results in previous editions he was ready to put that behind him and line up again to race for the win.

The video and other media are below, too

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