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Giles Drake’s in-depth interview with Tom Ramsay

Fail Video for 2023

Wheelbase’s 2023 race report


3 Peaks Cyclo-cross.. the end of another chapter for Dean Barnett

2023 – Cycling Weekly are back reporting

Sandy Meek’s 217 Horton Scar Lane pics from 2023

Pete Aylward’s 2023 Whernside gallery

Patrick Frost’s 2023 Album

Steve Fleming’s 2023 photos

Dan Jones’s Ribblehead 2023 pics

Dave Haygarth’s Ingleborough summit photos

2023 video from Phil Haygarth

2023 preview by WHEELBASE

Wheelbase Cycles /80 new photos by James Vincent.

539 photos from Whernside and Ribblehead from Luke Briggs Media

Jake’s secrets – video interview with U23 winner Cogset Papyrus’s Jake Edwards 

121 photos of Colt Cotes and the race finish by Mike Clark

121 Blea Moor photos from Rob Atkins on FLickr

Wheelbase Cycles’ 2022 video 

Gary and Laura Jackson’s Little Dale / Blea Head 2022 photos

Phil Haygarth’s vlog of 2022 

Rolling through Horton neutralised (video) 2022

Graham Wright’s video of the start of Simon Fell 2022

Adam Pridmore’s Simon Fell and Horton Scar Lane pics from 2022

Patrick Frost’s moody misty PYG summit pics from 2022

150 Pete Aylward 2022 photos from Whernside / Blea Moor

Steve Fleming’s 1581 photos from Simon Fell and PYG 2022

3 Ups and 3 downs – Dave Haygarth’s 2022 race

Gary McDonald’s 2022 ride – the dream continues

Jake Edwards: First time micro-prep

Wheelbase’s ’22 preview “The wait is over”

The Edge Cycle Coaching’s 2022 Tips

Nick Craig’s interview with The Edge coaching

Cross Bikes meaning Cross Bikes

2021 3 Peaks Cyclocross cancelled

Official Archive Project launched

Second edition of ‘Peaks sporting BOOK

3 Peaks fell race clash averted

New book records Ingleborough’s sporting history

1978 3 Peaks cyclo-cross report by John North

2020 3 Peaks cancelled

Calling for your 3 Peaks Cyclocross stories

John Rawnsley

Heather Dawe confirms that 3 Peaks Cyclo-cross book is under way

Sam Bacon – The Chasers’ Collective’s date with the 3 Peaks

Dave Arthur’s 2018 3 Peaks debut

Rapha’s 3 Peaks film from 2019

Exclusive interview: Kerry MacPhee – 2019 3 Peaks winner

Jen and Alex Forrester – wed to the 3 Peaks

Ian Dunn’s 879 PyG photos from 2019

Ian Forsyth’s Simon Fell photo make The Times ‘pictures of the week’

Bruce Dalton’s 2019 video for Vitus Bikes

Crosscast with 3 Peaks analysis

Simon Scarsbrook’s 21st 3 Peaks “I think I may have shut my eyes.”

David Rice’s Facebook gallery of 132 2019 3 Peaks

Gilly Dukes’ Gill Garth video from 2019

868 Photos from Cod Bank (Gill Garth descent) of the 2019 3 Peaks by Robert Mahoney

Rob Atkins’ 161 Blea Moor photos from 2019 3 Peaks

‘Cyclist’ magazine report on 2019: “Education First’s Lachlan Morton finishes fourth at Three Peaks Cyclocross race”

Danny Branston’s 24 2019 pics on Twitter

Dan Monaghan ‘host photographer’ for EF Education First at 3 Peaks

Stephen Smith’s 2019 3 Peaks photos

Descent from Pen-y-ghent Summit – photos from Ben Pilkington of the 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2019 

Gill Garth video from Graham Wright of the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross 2019 

My own blog and report of my 21st 3 Peaks Cyclocross

Patrick Frost’s 2019 photos from Penyghent

Chris Meads Photography’s photos of the 2019 3 Peaks from Ribblehead

Two videos of 2019 race from Phil Haygarth

Muddy Gorilla’s 2019 photos from Ribblehead (Blea Moor) and Penyghent

24 Photos from 2019 race by Phil Haygarth

66 presentation photos from 2019 from me

162 photos from Mo Leeming-Sykes on Flickr of 2019 race

Emma Osenton’s Night Before Peaksmas

Marshals required for 2019 3 Peaks

3 Peaks Juniors raising funds for teenage suicide charity

Record number of women to ride 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross 

The Three Peaks – How to Ride a Bike

Verity Appleyard to lead Women’s 3 Peaks Cyclocross taster ride

Simon Richardson’s 2018 Trek Crockett 3 Bike 

GCN Racing The World’s Toughest Cyclo-Cross Race 

“A Cycling Year” kickstarter by Heather Dawe 

James Lucas’ 2018 pics on Instagram

Scot Easter’s Three Peaks Cyclocross 2018 blog on MAGSPEED RACING 

Helen Gorman – Not Dead, Not Last

EF Education First-Drapac riders in 2019 3 Peaks?

Steve Ranger’s “The Dark Peaks: Love, death and cyclocross”

Alex Duffill’s Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross 2018 on Vimeo

Stephen Smith’s 550 photos from the 2018 3 Peaks 

Dean Barnett’s write-up on Facebook

Dave Powell’s “A walk on part in the war” 

Support Vehicle Time lapse – Driving the 3 peaks cyclocross 2018

Cadence Images (Dan Monaghan) images on Domestique Magazine site 

Sam Needham on Instagram: “Three Peaks Cyclocross, you really are one of a kind. It’s good that way 🙌🏻. Shot at today’s race for @hopetech .”

David Rice’s 2018 photos from Whernside

Dan Hall’s 85 photos from 2018 on Facebook

JT Sports Media’s 50 Photos on Facebook 

Paul Masson’s Cycletherapy blog: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2018

My own Three Peaks Cyclocross 2018 blog: “The “twenty” edition” 

3 Peaks 2018 pics by Mike Adams photography

Joolze Dymond’s Whernside 2018 pics

2018 Gill Garth and Blea Moor videos from Phil haygarth 

2390 images from Steve Harling shot on Whernside

Muddy Gorilla’s 2018 photos

Steve Fleming’s 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2018 Gill Garth and PYG photos

Racing Snakes 2018 Photos from Whernside 

The Night Before Peaks-mas

My sub-optimal 3 Peaks preparation: Will I? Won’t I? Who cares?

What tyres for 3 Peaks CX? David Arthur gets sucked into our obsession

Scot Easter talks 3 Peaks Cyclocross and plans to get to number 10. 

50 years since Barry’s debut

Fridge Productions out on 2018 course.

1988 3 Peaks Cyclocross results

Clash of the Titans – the 2019 date -gate 

Beth Bryn Hodge – Experiencing the Three Peaks Cyclocross

Gary Macdonald – The Sunday Warrior 

Une Gear … le singlespeed aux les Trois Peakes.

Simon Fell Framed Prints now available to raise cash for #rideforcharlie 

Grant Hill’s first time 2017 

Ruben Sano’s 2017 Spills ‘n’ Thrills at Cold Cotes (.. .and more) video 

Dan “Don” Monaghan’s Photo Essay on CXMagazine 2017

A sublime 100 3 Peaks 2017 photos from  Cadence Images Photography

3 Peaks Cyclo Cross Race | Balooz

Budge’s 6th 3 Peaks Cyclocross on the Team JMC blog

The Westmorland Gazette’s 2017 report

The Crosscast Episode 3 – Three Peaks 2017 recap 

Anthony Hall – Saved by the bolt … a 2017 race blog

Craig Zadoroznyj Photography’s 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross pics

Shaky Penyghent video from fev 3.1. on YouTube

Which rider will make it through the bog without falling off?

Paul Oldham’s modified, Three Peaks winning Scott Addict CX – Cycling Weekly

James Lucas’ collection on Instagram

Super Athlete Richard Roberts’ re-return 

Paul Nutton’s short video of Gill Garth turn-off 2017

Paul Masson’s travel from the highlands worthwhile – read his blog 

Venn Diagram – the unofficial The Three Peaks Cyclocross T-Shirt now available!

Patrick Frost’s Penyghent summit Three Peaks 2017 photos 

Joolze Dymond’s 80 images to view / buy from the 2017

111 Horton Scar Lane and Start photos by Peter Towell

Cyclocross handbook – Jack Chevell’s photo blog of the Three Peaks Cyclocross 2017 

141 Whernside to Ribblehead via Blea Moor pics from Rob Atkins

Over 1200 Three Peaks 2017 photos by Steve Harling

Andy Jones’ 2017 gallery on Cycling Weekly

Andy Whitworth’s 25th

Chris Meads Photography’s Three Peaks Cyclocross 2017 photos

My 2017 blog of the Three Peaks Cyclocross – a family affair

Stephen Smith’s 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross pics on Flickr

Racing Snakes Photography’s 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross photos 

Joolze Dymond

Andrew Ward’s 35 photos from Cold Cotes 2017 

Steve Fleming’s 140+ photos of Gill Garth and Penyghent

Hundreds of 2017 photos from Steve Harling

Sportsunday 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross 2017 photos

1979 3 Peaks report from Cycling Weekly

Penyghent route change for 2017

3 Peaks. The world’s toughest cyclo-cross race. – Hackney GT

The Crosscast Episode 2 – Three Peaks Primer 

Chipps on “Why suspension will never be allowed”

Ryan Henry’s dedicated 2017 build-up blog 

Retro PEZ Talk: Barry Davies interview

Event Program: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 1981

Antony Hall – “The Man With No Brakes” – his first time blog 

Scott Sports’ video. The Three Peaks – The Worlds Toughest Cyclocross Race – Gravel Tripping – YouTube

Riding Circle: Race Report: 3 Peaks Cyclocross

Video of 2016 race. Pain is only Temporary – YouTube

Go on the Lasses: Beth Hodge’s 3 Peaks Cyclocross 

Westmorland Gazette 2016 report

3 Peaks Cyclo-cross print now available at  Scarsbrook Art

Three Peaks 2016 short film by Alex Duffill on Vimeo

Adrian Lord missing the ‘peaks already… An Appeal on Behalf of the Three Peaks Syndrome Association

A two man race and 648 mobile spectators… Keith Murray and Scot Easter on #3pcx. Part 1. | thelonelycyclist

Paul Oldham’s Three Peaks winning bike in Cycling Weekly

3 Peaks Training / Prep with Chris Metcalfe – Charge Bikes on YouTube

Andy Ward: Lessons From Three Peaks Number Two

Jordy Luisman – 3 Peaks cyclocross! Gisteren om 9.30 was het dan…

Will Beresford:  “that was a proper race. That, was awesome.” 

Rich Seipp: The 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross again? Aye, go on then.

Joolze Dymond’s race and face galleries

3 Peaks, 2 Wheels, 1 Gear, (0 Idea) – Kevin Pugh / Ayr Burners Cycling

“I am not a superhuman” Gilly Dukes’ first 3 Peaks Cylocross Race

Phil Blaylock’s 159 2016 Whernside photos

146 Photos of the 54th Annual 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross from Rob Atkins on Whernside

442 photos by Patrick Frost of the 2016 Three Peaks Cyclocross 

187 2016 race photos by Craig Zadoroznyj Photography 

Scott Weston’s 161 photos on Facebook

Blog of the 2016 3 Peaks by Verity Appleyard

Chris Meads’ photo blog from 2016 on ShoottheBikeRace

“Cyclists take on UK’s toughest cyclo-cross challenge in Yorkshire Dales” – Yorkshire Post

24 photos from Giles Dumont of the 2016 3 Peaks on Google Photos

Undying passion – my own write-up of my 2016 3 Peaks

CYCLOCROSS HANDBOOK photo blog of 2016

Bruce Dalton’s First 3 Peaks – “Its bloody hard”

Flyby on

Three Peaks Cyclocross 2016 by Mabvith

Yellowbelly’s 2016 Penyghent photos

565 2016 Whernside pics from Steve Harling

2016 Whernside photos from Racing Snakes Photography

Nikki Willis’ 2016 Simon Fell photos

11 Andy Jones pictures of the 2016 race on Cycling Weekly

Tom Hardie’s 13 pics of Cold Cotes 2016 on Facebook

Paul Oldham wins 2016 Three Peaks Cyclo-cross – Cycling Weekly

Bambi on the course

984 Simon Fell & Penyghent photos from Steve Fleming

62 Photos from Phil Haygarth

Whernside 2016 photos from SportSunday

Chris Meads Photography | 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross 2016

Icons of cycling: Three Peaks Cyclocross – Cycling Weekly

The Three Peaks Cyclocross: Ace and Rubbish – (my own preview for this year’s race)

Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross – Rouleur Magazine

Alan Dorrington’s Three Peaks Race Prep

Event Program: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 1985

Event Program: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 1983

Event Program: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 1982

3 Peaks Cyclo-cross original print by Simon Scarsbrook Art

Event Program: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 1979

3 peaks cyclocross 6 tips from dave haygarth | Teams And Riders | News | Planet X

A late September morning in 1985

1989 3 Peaks Cyclocross resul

3 Peaks Shoulder: Claviculitis daftus

Andy Ward’s 2016 tyre dilemma

Retro: 1968 race / International Cycle Sport magazine report / pics

2016 Race entry list – confirmed riders

Result of the 14th Annual 3 Peaks Cyclocross, 1974

Retro: “CYCLISTS AT THE SUMMIT CAIRNS” – a 1962 article by The Dalesman

The A to Z of the 3 Peaks Cyclocross

Beth’s Highs and Lows

Gary Macdonald interviewed on Scottish Cyclocross “top 5 is a possibility”

Three Peaks Cyclo-cross Preparation – CycleTechReview

PrePeaks race will help Peaks obsessives tune their ‘Peaks form in late August 

Andy Ward’s Cycling Plus article reproduced

2016 Entries available and updates to rules

An interview in the Gloucestershire Echo, September 1999 “It’s not down to luck but it helps not to be unlucky”

Brian Vernor 3 Peaks interview on the Ritchey site

1982 results

Pain is only temporary- a film by Rubén Sano

Phil Simcock: frustratingly close to an Elite time

Julie Phelan – hooked

Dave Powell’s 2015 sunny Dales day out (and a couple of disasters)

John Parkin’s 2015 blog

Cyclocross Magazine’s UK team 2015 roundup

2015 Video from Richie Hodges

Edwyn’s improved 2015

Eric not idle

Mike Lynch’s first time in 2015

Cold Cotes and RIbblehead video from Phillip Marks

Paul’ ‘Peak form’ celebrated in Lancashire Telegraph

Hannah toppled the U23 record in style

Jack splats

Patrick Frost’s 367 Penyghent pics

Precious vintage results – 1991 and 1992 full results

Jebb disappoints the Westmorland Gazette

Andy Ward’s day out “after 12 weeks of obsessive preparation”

Cyclocrossrider’s report

85 PYG pics from Clare Crabtree

Thumbs up for Ivan

1139 pics from that 2015 race at the start and PYG from John McCann on Flickr

2015 Geek-out

Staff Development Day for Reverse Delta

75 epic pics from Russell Ellis on Flickr

Mike Burdon’s 2015 ups and down

Mick Kenyon’s Whernside Summit photos from 2015

Yellowberry’s 385 Simon Fell photos

1240 pics in Dropbox from Rick Byers

My blog of my own 2015 3 Peaks

Scott Weston’s pics from PYG on Facebook

Andy Jackson’s 2015 Penyghent summit pics on Facebook

Cycling Weekly’s images from Andy Jones

Cycling Weekly’s 2015 report

Steve Fleming’s 2015 IGB and PYG photos

Ingleborough 2015 pics by John Myhill

Rawnsley’s Leap marshalls – We Salute You

Verity Appleyard’s emotional 2015

Zillions of pics from Chris Meads photography

John Myhill’s 2015 pics from Penyghent

Neil Coverley’s 2015 pics on Facebook

Strava Flyby ’15

Nicole Willis’ 2015 pics from Simon Fell and Chapel le Dale

Adrian Nichols’ blue sky 2015 pics on SportSunday

Phil Haygarth’s 2015 photos

Contents of a gentleman’s pocket

Living in Hope

One day in Yorkshire – a pre-race blog on

“A celebration of focus and daft” – Steve Riley’s take on the “first one in his 50s” 3 Peaks

My 2015 build-up blog on Planet X Bikes’ site

Dean Barnett’s lowdown on the 3 Peaks route

EXCLUSIVE Interview with 3 Peaks Legend Nick Craig

Jamie Burrow recalls a bleak 1994 ‘peaks

Andy Ward writes

Barry auditions for The Sweeney? No – it’s just the 70s. Exclusive pics from Barry Davies

Interview: 3 Peaks legend Barry Davies

Interview: 3 peaks legend Tim Gould

3 Peaks Interview with 3 Peaks legend, Eric Stone

Verity’s win – The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Olivier & Jens of Team Abide ride the ‘peaks

3 Peaks: the hardest cyclocross race in the world? Stev Thomas on Cyclingtips

Neal Crampton’s Peak Performance and Ed McParland’s successful debut

Simon Fell Gopro from TechBytes

Simon Scarsbrook: up, down, up, down, up, down, rest!

Andy Holden’s 257 2014 photos on Flickr

Manning Up (Ingleborough)

Richie Hodges visits the Dales

Three Peaks Cyclocross Provides Another Great Weekend of Triple Mountain Climbing: Full Results and Video – Cyclocross Magazine – Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos

Rob Jebb wins historic 11th Three Peaks title (From The Westmorland Gazette)

Did the plan work…yes! Clive Davis’ 2014 blog

Joolze’s full 2014 gallery on Flickr

Giles Perkins – two for one deal

Adrian Lord tops the Grand Depart.

Emma Osenton ‘gone Tripstering.

Jeremy Redford’s 2014 PB – blog

EVERY (??) Rider photographed on Whernside by DrBernoulli

Nathaniel Rosa’s beautiful 2014 photos

Nick Carig’s 2014 Three Peaks Race Report on the Scott Sports Newsletter

Giles Perkins has a stroke

Two more from the lens of Taylor

Tom McGoldrick’s Three Peaks Cyclocross short film

Jon Myhill’s 2014 album on Flickr

CX Magazine Racing Team – 3 is the magic number…

Sweden’s Per-Ake Elisson – “Shut Up Legs” Legs: “No – you shut up”.

Ian Taylor’s Ingleborough Descent on camera

More 2014 stats – from Doug Hart

Blue Monday – coming back down from the Three Peaks Cyclocross | Minnellium

Mike Burdon’s blog of his 2014 race. Jebb makes it eleven in ideal conditions – photography – 813 Simon Fell and Penyghent

Two HUGE Penyghent 2014 Galleries on

Stolly’s Running Blog: The 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross

38 seconds…. 2014 Three Peaks Cyclocross on YouTube from YandaBear

Scot does the splits

Russell Ellis’s full set of 144 pics on Flickr

327 Photos from Steve Fleming on Flickr

Detailed and full 2014 Results from SPORTident

David Todd’s PYG photos from 2014 – The 3 Peaks – The peculiarly British cross race

Three Peaks Cyclo Cross 2014 gallery from Cycling Weekly

Ed Rollason’s 58 pics from PYG

3 Peaks Cyclocross 2014 Hope Balloon Time lapse

Cycling Weekly’s 2014 web write-up

Zillions of photos from @Sportsunday here from the start, Cold Cotes, PYG and near the finish

Russell Ellis’ photos of 2014

Andrew Burgess’ Whernside summit 2014 pics

Neil Coverley’s 2014 pics of Ingleborough, Horton and Penyghent

Neil Welsh’s 2014 Cold Cotes and PYG photos

Scott Weston’s Start, PYG and FInish 2014 pics

Strava Fly-by of the 2014 3 Peaks

My brother Phil Haygarth – his 2014 photos from a day helping little ol’ me

Cyclocrossrider: 3peaks in 100 images: Penyghent

Barry Davies – Part 2 of retro pics

Dean Barnett – “Excited doesn’t come close”

Cyclocrossrider picture post: Whernside

Whilst on the subject of LEGENDs – Barry Davies

You are Gould (…Gould) Always believe in your soul.

Short 2014 preview in Craven Herald

Rest and be thankful – Simon Scarsbrook finding it hard

Back after a gap

Cyclocrossrider picture post: Ingleborough

Yorkshire Post John Rawnsley interview

Manning manning up.

Scarsbrook tyred out

Simon Scarsbrook sets the bench mark for Simon Fell

Crossjunkie’s Planet X 3 Peaks guide – part 3


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