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Giles Drake’s in-depth interview with Tom Ramsay

Tom Ramsay’s ‘Spill the Watts’ podcast with 2023 Men’s Elite winner Giles Drake is a corker for the aficionado. Enjoy 1 hr 20 mins of geeking out to what makes someone come back repeatedly after failure to clinch victory.

Giles is the WINNER of the Three Peaks Cyclocross race in 2023 - arguably the most brutal race on skinny tyres in Yorkshire.
Giles had been close to winning this race for the 4 years previous to this, and his determination and relentless personality got him to the top step eventually.
Winning this race takes an unbelievable amount of fitness, but also a very unique set of skills - and a big set of balls.
Aside from winning the three peaks, Giles has also won Battle on the Beach (being the only UK winner) and won many other races across both cyclocross, MTB XC, and even a few on the road!
In this episode, Giles will explain all about his multiple previous attempts at winning the Three Peaks, how it all came together for the race in 2023, and what that win really felt like.
We will talk about his approach to training, and what three peaks specific work he does. We will talk about life outside of cycling, what he gets up to when he is not riding his bike, and what he has planned for the future.
This is an episode I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into, I got to see Giles’s three peaks winning ride first hand this year and the speed he went past was astronomical.
As ever, make sue you don’t miss this!

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