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In a strange sequence of events that relate in a way to why I’m doing this blog, the BBC Countryfile programme got in touch with me last week and said they wanted to follow me preparing for this year’s race. They’re doing a programme about the race to be shown on BBC on 1st October, and have decided that they’re going to feature the race as one of the main focuses – so tune in. They spent some time on Monday driving round bits of the area with John Rawnsley and will be out filming on Sunday.

Talking to them as I had to over five hours of filming, I couldn’t help thinking that I take the Three Peaks a bit too seriously once or twice, but then I soon slipped back into my self-dellusion and got on with dreaming of a top 20 place.

The day itself was quite a lot of fun really – slow moving at time – having to do bits to the camera and pretending to train – but the whole thing was well worth the visit – and inevitable recce of some bits of the course (not in a rule violating way!!). The course is looking pretty fast again up Blea Moor way – and I’m expecting Rob to beat his own record this year if he has a trouble-free ride.

Also bumped into three of the Horwich CC lads up there having a jog over Whernside. Nice to see you all…. good luck on the 24th. I’m off to sign some autographs and prepare for a lucrative TV career.

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