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3 Peaks Cyclo-cross.. the end of another chapter for Dean Barnett

3 Ups and 3 downs – Dave Haygarth’s 2022 race

Gary McDonald’s 2022 ride – the dream continues

Heather Dawe confirms that 3 Peaks Cyclo-cross book is under way

Sam Bacon – The Chasers’ Collective’s date with the 3 Peaks

Jen and Alex Forrester – wed to the 3 Peaks

Simon Scarsbrook’s 21st 3 Peaks “I think I may have shut my eyes.”

My own blog and report of my 21st 3 Peaks Cyclocross

The Three Peaks – How to Ride a Bike

Scot Easter’s Three Peaks Cyclocross 2018 blog on MAGSPEED RACING 

Helen Gorman – Not Dead, Not Last

Steve Ranger’s “The Dark Peaks: Love, death and cyclocross”

Dean Barnett’s write-up on Facebook

Dave Powell’s “A walk on part in the war” 

Cadence Images (Dan Monaghan) images on Domestique Magazine site 

Paul Masson’s Cycletherapy blog: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2018

My own Three Peaks Cyclocross 2018 blog: “The “twenty” edition” 

My sub-optimal 3 Peaks preparation: Will I? Won’t I? Who cares?

Beth Bryn Hodge – Experiencing the Three Peaks Cyclocross

Une Gear … le singlespeed aux les Trois Peakes.

Grant Hill’s first time 2017 

Dan “Don” Monaghan’s Photo Essay on CXMagazine 2017

A sublime 100 3 Peaks 2017 photos from  Cadence Images Photography

3 Peaks Cyclo Cross Race | Balooz

Budge’s 6th 3 Peaks Cyclocross on the Team JMC blog

Anthony Hall – Saved by the bolt … a 2017 race blog

Super Athlete Richard Roberts’ re-return 

Paul Masson’s travel from the highlands worthwhile – read his blog 

My 2017 blog of the Three Peaks Cyclocross – a family affair

The Crosscast Episode 2 – Three Peaks Primer 

Ryan Henry’s dedicated 2017 build-up blog 

Antony Hall – “The Man With No Brakes” – his first time blog 

Riding Circle: Race Report: 3 Peaks Cyclocross

Go on the Lasses: Beth Hodge’s 3 Peaks Cyclocross 

Adrian Lord missing the ‘peaks already… An Appeal on Behalf of the Three Peaks Syndrome Association

A two man race and 648 mobile spectators… Keith Murray and Scot Easter on #3pcx. Part 1. | thelonelycyclist

Andy Ward: Lessons From Three Peaks Number Two

Jordy Luisman – 3 Peaks cyclocross! Gisteren om 9.30 was het dan…

Will Beresford:  “that was a proper race. That, was awesome.” 

Rich Seipp: The 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross again? Aye, go on then.

3 Peaks, 2 Wheels, 1 Gear, (0 Idea) – Kevin Pugh / Ayr Burners Cycling

“I am not a superhuman” Gilly Dukes’ first 3 Peaks Cylocross Race

Blog of the 2016 3 Peaks by Verity Appleyard

Chris Meads’ photo blog from 2016 on ShoottheBikeRace

Undying passion – my own write-up of my 2016 3 Peaks

CYCLOCROSS HANDBOOK photo blog of 2016

Bruce Dalton’s First 3 Peaks – “Its bloody hard”

Beth’s Highs and Lows

Brian Vernor 3 Peaks interview on the Ritchey site

Phil Simcock: frustratingly close to an Elite time

Julie Phelan – hooked

Dave Powell’s 2015 sunny Dales day out (and a couple of disasters)

John Parkin’s 2015 blog

Edwyn’s improved 2015

Eric not idle

Mike Lynch’s first time in 2015

Hannah toppled the U23 record in style

Jack splats

Andy Ward’s day out “after 12 weeks of obsessive preparation”

Thumbs up for Ivan

Staff Development Day for Reverse Delta

Mike Burdon’s 2015 ups and down

My blog of my own 2015 3 Peaks

Verity Appleyard’s emotional 2015

Contents of a gentleman’s pocket

Living in Hope

One day in Yorkshire – a pre-race blog on

“A celebration of focus and daft” – Steve Riley’s take on the “first one in his 50s” 3 Peaks

My 2015 build-up blog on Planet X Bikes’ site

Jamie Burrow recalls a bleak 1994 ‘peaks

Andy Ward writes

Simon Scarsbrook: up, down, up, down, up, down, rest!

Manning Up (Ingleborough)

Richie Hodges visits the Dales

Three Peaks Cyclocross Provides Another Great Weekend of Triple Mountain Climbing: Full Results and Video – Cyclocross Magazine – Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos

Did the plan work…yes! Clive Davis’ 2014 blog

Giles Perkins – two for one deal

Adrian Lord tops the Grand Depart.

Emma Osenton ‘gone Tripstering.

Giles Perkins has a stroke

CX Magazine Racing Team – 3 is the magic number…

Sweden’s Per-Ake Elisson – “Shut Up Legs” Legs: “No – you shut up”.

Blue Monday – coming back down from the Three Peaks Cyclocross | Minnellium

Mike Burdon’s blog of his 2014 race.

Dean Barnett – “Excited doesn’t come close”

Rest and be thankful – Simon Scarsbrook finding it hard

Back after a gap

Manning manning up.

Simon Scarsbrook sets the bench mark for Simon Fell

Crossjunkie’s Planet X 3 Peaks guide – part 2

Crossjunkie’s Planet X 3 Peaks guide – part 3

Coming of Age: Simon Scarsbrook’s 18th bash

Countdown from Ed Sarmiento

Edwin Oliver-Evans – “crazy”, “mad” and “dangerous”

Phil Simcock: PB and hungry for 2014

Paul Myers’ PB … and a wonderful life coach

Stu Rider’s first time

James Thompson’s second 3 Peaks

Simon Scarsbrook – mojo regained – a three-chapter story

Rob Allen – First Time – a blog

Anarchy in the PyG – Delia Beddis’ wins the women’s race

Crossjunkie reflects on how a few minor errors compund

Budge bags a best

Richard Seipp’s PB

Jason’s off and an off day for Jason

Emma Osenton – getting it right first time

Ed Rollason’s PYG and ‘Above’ Cold Cotes photos

Day to forget for Singlespeeder Matt Brown

The final 10%

Simon Fox honing and fine tuning…

Nowthen/Gruetzi from Switzerland – James Eddison gets fit, alpine style

Crossjunkie’s 30 days countdown

Three Peaks Cyclocross sadomasochism from Mr Sparkle

Blogger Down!

Frischi: “A matter of honour”

Phil Haygarth: A year to forget

Crossjunkie reflects: ‘full survival mode’

Anna Cipullo – cut-off in her prime

Alan Billington: Bob Graham Round not enough.

Sam Roper – youngest rider of 2012 – a blog

Paul Meyer: “it can’t be this bad again, please no “

Porsonal Worst but it’s just the best

Daniel Doncaster’s mini blog on club forum

It’s grim up North

Frischnecht: I do this crazy race only once in my lifetime

Tom Hill: After the Storm

Jason Miles – PB Position and a spring in his step

GS Avanti – noses to the fell

Good day out for Hope

Ed Edwards: long day out, longer blog

Sam Alison of Singular Cycles … 2 out of 3

Fastest singlespeeder Matt Brown’s 2012 blog

Peter Barton’s first survival

Twinkly Dave’s cold get’s the MTFU treatment

View from the Gazebo

My own blog of the 2012 race

Spectator’s view – “The Essence of Wetness”

Ed Rollason photography’s Photo essay of the 2012 race

Greg May go under 4 hrs (… or May not)

Steve Riley: I’ve done my best, it’ll do. It’ll have to do.

Harder than Childbirth

Newbie Tom ’24’ Hill shares his thoughts before his first race

My own 2012 preview thoughts: Vengeance

Marco Locatelli’s blog of the 2011 race… from Italy

The Isle of Man TT of cyclocross

Mark Mckie’s first time

Velocake Podium

Adrian Nelhams returns

Ed Edwards, Kate Moss’ charming bosom c.2001 etc

Paul Myers day of compassion

Otley Rich defies bad conditions

Adrian’s first time – elation and a healthy respectful terror

Mark leaves his mark

Haygarth Breaks Bone shocker (no – not that one – it’s Phil)

Neil Mansfield’s tough time in 2011

Singlespeed blues from Dave Barter

Steve Riley: Once more unto the madness

Crossjunkie’s blog update for 2011

Biketreks day out, minor tumbles and all

Twinkly Dave’s hard year

Ivan Boyes toils and battles with friends

Jason Miles : Chasing the big four-o -o

Wheelbase’s year to forget… almost

Dave Haygarth’s cracking year

Singled Out: Richard Seipp’s fixed gear record attempt

Fixed gear: A niche record to have a pop at

Richard Seipp exorcises those bike-carrying demons

The trip from Switzerland, and a discussion

Phil Haygarth: back after a year off

Simon Fox: Abusive Relationship

Delia Beddis’ first time on the Peaks

Chris Riley’s 2010 story on the Will’s Wheels site

CXMagazine’s 2010 report from the USA…

Fishy goings on

Mark Richmond’s first timer’s ‘blog’

Lionel Meyringer: Broken in the front of saddle department

Jason Miles’ 3rd attempt leaves a bitter taste

Paul Myers’ faceplants and cramps… all in a day’s 3 peaks work

Paul Masson… first time report

Ben Butler: 1st time, 1st U23, 1st of many

My own blog of the 2010 race – “So I had to crack on with it.”

Mark Baker – back after 16 yrs away

Alan Dorrington: The obligatory, cathartic post Peaks blog post

Andrea Halman’s blog post from the 2010 event

James Eddison

Cleverly underprepared

Konrad Manning’s countdown to the ‘Peaks on RoadCycling website

What’s Done Is Done

The Anxiety Thing

Mark Solomon’s ‘lessons learnt’ from 2009

Crossjunkie’s take on East Lancashire Sufferance: and some dates for your diaries

Ian Cleverly and Simon Sarsbrook

Ireland’s Greg May’s energeting personal blog of 2009

Andy Nicoll’s puncture-spoiled race

Two years in… (at least) eight to go.

One black dot (Paul Kelsall)’s first timer’s blog post

Richard Seipp’s 2009 ride – a tale of a man’s relationship with his bike

Shaggy’s Singlespeed record: full blog post

Dave Powell – second time out and all the wiser

Steve Riley’s debut – “Vertical Chess”’s own site report

Jason Miles: Rushed bike build but all came well in the end

Chris Pedder’s blog of the 2009 race –

Alan Dorrington’s trouble-free ride: something to build on.

Preview from XXC Mag

Team Inov8 ‘team’ blog post

Trio’s premier

My own blog post about the 2009 race

Steve Riley: “the bemused looking bloke, trying to work the shifters”

James Eddison – Skipton / Swiss rider’s account from 2008

Newsletter article from Matthew Pixton

Richard Seipp’s tale of 2008 “Ouch – that hurt”

EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Page’s blog for

EXCLUSIVE: Leanne Thompson’s blog for

Andy Nicoll’s blog of his 3rd ride

Crossjunkie reports on a day helping out

Phil Ingham reports from the inside

Fitting tribute from crossjunkie

Justified Paranoia… Moving beyond obsession


The countdown begins…

Christmas is cancelled

Training partner

My Three Peaks preparation for 2007: one month to go…

Phil Haygarth: Not his best, not his worst, but somewhere in the middle!

Simon Scarsbrook’s report

Jon Wyatt’s singlespeed adventures

Ian Cleverly’s 2006 race

Alpe D’Huez in reverse

24 09 2006: How was it for you?

My brother’s ‘peaks preparation: a string of bad fortune

Diary of someone who takes it all too seriously

A single-minded single speeder

How it’s going for me

Diary of three peaks first timer – Simon Fox

From Hull, going to Hell.

A dog’s life

All the way from Mull

Al Tullet’s first 3 Peaks

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