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Phil’s training diary 4: Where’s Ingleborough?

Well I guess my training diary needs some closure (rather like my training got it last ‘black Monday’ when Dave sent me and email that simply said ‘phone me – the Peaks is cancelled’). Back on black Monday I had just finished a weekend of high quality and high volume training and was looking forward to sharpening up on the following couple of weeks. As I type this it is Saturday and it should have been the morning before the ‘Peaks, staying at my Mum’s house, with a stirring view Ingleborough in the distance. Instead I can see a Dartmoor (the picture shows the view from my window), and somehow it is not quite the same….

As soon as I heard the news I completely lost my drive and focus and got on with other things. Since then I have managed to get out for a couple of runs and I plan to do a ‘humble’ one hour ‘cross race on Sunday. But I am not expecting to do much because I have not bothered with any sharpening since black Monday. I know it seems trite, but it was going pretty well for me and I had made a real effort to take myself out this summer, sometimes at the expense of the family or my work. I cannot say I did not enjoy the training, but I always hate the torment of feeling I should be with the family or elsewhere. So I guess it is time to redress the balance. I think I’ll take the kids swimming this morning. See you next year. Phil.

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