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Sandy Meek’s 217 Horton Scar Lane pics from 2023

Dan Jones’s Ribblehead 2023 pics

Dave Haygarth’s Ingleborough summit photos

Steve Fleming’s 1581 photos from Simon Fell and PYG 2022

Wheelbase’s ’22 preview “The wait is over”

Cross Bikes meaning Cross Bikes

Calling for your 3 Peaks Cyclocross stories

John Rawnsley

Chris Meads Photography’s photos of the 2019 3 Peaks from Ribblehead

Emma Osenton’s Night Before Peaksmas

3 Peaks Juniors raising funds for teenage suicide charity

50 years since Barry’s debut

3 peaks cyclocross 6 tips from dave haygarth | Teams And Riders | News | Planet X

Interview: 3 Peaks legend Barry Davies

3 Peaks Interview with 3 Peaks legend, Eric Stone

Verity’s win – The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

3 Peaks: the hardest cyclocross race in the world? Stev Thomas on Cyclingtips

Neal Crampton’s Peak Performance and Ed McParland’s successful debut

Simon Fell Gopro from TechBytes

Jeremy Redford’s 2014 PB – blog

Nick Carig’s 2014 Three Peaks Race Report on the Scott Sports Newsletter

More 2014 stats – from Doug Hart Jebb makes it eleven in ideal conditions – photography – 813 Simon Fell and Penyghent

Two HUGE Penyghent 2014 Galleries on

Stolly’s Running Blog: The 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross

38 seconds…. 2014 Three Peaks Cyclocross on YouTube from YandaBear

327 Photos from Steve Fleming on Flickr

Detailed and full 2014 Results from SPORTident

David Todd’s PYG photos from 2014

Three Peaks Cyclo Cross 2014 gallery from Cycling Weekly

Ed Rollason’s 58 pics from PYG

My brother Phil Haygarth – his 2014 photos from a day helping little ol’ me

Planet X 2013 Preview

Mitch Jones rides in 2013 for Strep B

A twitter string about discs and bar-top levers

Erwin Wildhaber


A View From Helwith Bridge

2012 Preview on British Cycling site

The loudest jersey in the Dales

Greg May – lessons learnt and lessons to learn

Welland Valley back once more in strength

Nic Bertrand’s first time – will it be the last?

Paul Watson’s drizzly road pics from Helwith Bridge

Ed Rollason’s blog post of 2011

Everything’s gonna be all Whyte

To the launchpad

Recce – in the nick of time

Tapering blues (a short verse)

Genes reunited

Rapha’s Konrad Manning on a ‘peculiar’ race

2011 Preview on British Cycling wqebsite

Rouleur extract from Matt Seaton, from Penyghent 2010

Rob Jebb not riding the 2011 3 peaks

Steve Riley “goes long”, punctures, bends bars, eats… a grand day out

Rob Jebb shoulder rumours… the truth

Tubeless: The Holy Grail?

2011 entries – some analysis

Dave Haygarth (hey… that’s me!) blogs pre-race

Paul Masson’s first Three Peaks – Exclusive blog for 3PCX blog

The annual weight loss obsession

‘Flyer’ in the 2009 program from Kevin White

Photos from Brunscar Lane – a Flickr set by

2005 Whernside Photos from Richard Seipp

Jebb’s peaks domination continues

An elephant on a Penyghent?

Three more blog reports from riders

My own blog of the 2008 race

Some more early reports of the 2008 race: Cycling Weekly and British Cycling

Video of Penyghent descent

Early race report on BikeRadar

Friendships and fells – bring it on….

New blog aiming to bring 3 Peaks and Iron Cross together

‘Level of Fitness: Black’

Lake District hilly classic shows Jebb’s peak form

So that’s that, then.

Phil’s training diary 4: Where’s Ingleborough?

Gossip from JR and RJ

All revved up with no place to go

Three Peaks Cancellation

Phil’s training diary 3: Bent bars and bruises

Phil’s training diary 2. So far so good…..

Phil’s training diary 1: Have shoes will travel……

Ingleborough weather watch

2007 Entries: unprecedented demand

London Cycle Sport 3 Peaks forum

Robert Jebb wins third Three Peaks fell race

Rob Jebb interviewed by Joolz Diamond

Jebb to ride cyclocross worlds

Three Peaks on a fixed gear: Interview with John Wyatt

Electronic Timing for 2007

Diary of another first timer: Simon Fox

Simon Barnes’ Penyghent snaps

Yorshire CCA ‘peaks training day

Mark Slavonia – a tale of a long journey from the U.S. to Helwith Bridge

Andy Rush 2005 3P photoset on Flickr

“Always trying to go as fast as you can.” – Interview with Robert Jebb

Then and Now… a 13 year gap in Three Peaks rides

Yorkshire CCA’s Photos of the 2005 3 Peaks

2004 race – Tom Randall’s report

Getting things started.

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