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Shaggy’s Singlespeed record: full blog post

Recording a time of just over 3:40 is something that many – nay – most competitors in the 3 peaks would just dream of. Doing it on a singlespeed bike deserves some huge portions of respect. I used to ride a single speed bike for 32 miles a day in traffic and was proud of myself when it came to grinding up the ‘hills’ on the chosen gear. I’m intrigued (but not to the point of ever trying!) by the notion of singlespeeding the whole three peaks route.

“Shaggy” John Ross’s blog post tells of a great weekend’s work.

It was definitely the furthest I’ve physically pushed myself on a bike but I’m extremely pleased with that time, and don’t feel too broken today. It’s nice to learn a little more about yourself. If I was on better form and could sort out the cramp I could certainly go a little faster but I can’t see me greatly improving on that time. Not on a single speed anyway.

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