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What’s Done Is Done

A final-week thought from last week’s first-timer blogger Paul Masson, and seemingly much the same sentiment as me…!

Well that’s the training done. Is it enough, no, is it as much as I could have done, yes.

The last hard week, pushed the “training envelope” out to eight and a half hours, not a lot to some people, but probably one hour too much in my family/work/life delicate balance.

I must admit to being selfish in the last week; I really wanted three hard sessions, 1 x 3hr, 2 x 2.5hr and a 30 min run and no-one was stopping me, cue a few tense “are you going out again” moments and my short temper with the young un’s (so tired by the weekend). This added to my strict diet has made my wife wonder if it’s all worth it. I mean it’s not like I’m a contender or anything, it’s just that this race has really got under my skin!

What will all this hard won training yield? I have no idea, as a first timer sub 4 hr would be nice, but unsupported means a Camelbak, and mechanicals will have to be fixed as no spare wheels or bike.

Actually the bike needs those Landcruisers fitted, otherwise it’s all good to go, but it’s bloody heavy – 22lbs on the local bike shops scales, jings, my full suss’ 29er only weighs 2 odd pounds more!

So, just a few moderate sessions and some easy spins on the bike this week, “resting”, dodging anyone that so much as sniffles near me, oh and no “comfort” eating either…… see you there.

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