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Recce – in the nick of time

A few recces have been taking place as usual.  It’s the kind of race that attracts you more and more as you do it (don’t I just know it…) and it’s a healthy thing to do in many ways.  Just simply familiarising oneself with the basics of the hills brings a bit of comfort.  For the connoisseur there is the working out of lines etc.

Alan ‘Crossjunkie‘ Dorrington and Konrad Mannning went up for a fairly late recce on Tuesday. It’s a good thing to do if you can spare the time, of course, because the weather’s affect is generally a done thing by now.


I enjoyed a brief sojourn up Whernside ‘the wrong way’ back in August too.  It’s a nice thing – to have a few moments to immerse yourself in the finer detail, and amongst the actual canvas.  I stashed the bike once I got to the ‘not allowed to ride’ bit of Blea Moor and headed up to look at the upper part of the descent in detail.  It does change subtly each year.  Nothing major this year but just a few things to work out and scratch the head about.

The one recce I’ve never managed to make time for in a busy life is over Simon Fell.  It’s not legal to take the bike up there but I’d love to wander over the top and onto Ingleborough, then jog down the descent.  Two cars probably needed but would be good to feel the terrain I only see when I taste blood and sweat in my mouth.

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