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Twinkly Dave’s hard year

Regular rider and looney-mileage-addict Dave Powell writes so enticingly it’s such a joy to read his personal blog posts.  Dave’s 3 peaks didn’t go too well this year, after a nasty crash in training just a few days before sent him into a spiral of mechanical hassle and then unrelaxed, tense riding on the day.

The first marshalls out on the course fade back into the mist and murk as I start to grimace my way back down Ingleborough. Arms embarrasingly locked as rigid as the chunky seatstays I’m bounced wildly down the hill. Less flow than the water beating me on it’s descent I feel like a shambles. The road can’t come soon enough. I’m not carving round the kinks and corners in the grassy singletrack, I’m pinballing in the slowest way you could imagine. I’m hating it. I need some sort of reprive, something to help remove the damp-through misery I’m starting to feel.

Read his unmissable blog post here

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