My cousin Adrian Holmes is one of those people who puts some dedicated cyclists to shame.  Whilst some experienced cyclists can’t commit to the three peaks, fearing its utter awesomeness, Adrian entered it as his first ever bike race.  His blog here shows how an inexperienced syslist can get round steadily just with a blend of realism, mountain experience, preparation, luck, support and food.

“After encouragement and flapjack from our enormous support team, I’m on my way to the Ghent, and munching a Torq bar because I said I would. As I start ascending the track, riders are hurtling down which is quite nerve racking….I’ve still got to come down there….but not yet. Higher on the hill, I see Steve…then Phil….then Mark….and it’s uplifting to see them and the warmth of their greeting. Before long I’m on my way down, and it’s great cycling. A lovely ‘ski traverse’ contouring decent above the path, with my Landcruisers holding their edge superbly, and then as we get off the steep bit I start cycling, and keep cycling, for the longest period off-road of the day. “