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Blogger Down!

I’ve only missed one finish before in the Three Peaks since I started doing the race in 1995 (when a snapped seatpost before Simon Fell made the prospect a bit too much to contemplate)

For the last 5 weeks I’ve been adjusting* to having to sit out the 2013 race on the sidelines – with an upcoming shoulder op and very similar injury that forced Rob Jebb out of the 2011 race, there’s no chance of me even being on the start line. My detailed thoughts on adjusting to that here on my blog.

What started out as sadness, sorry, and mourning about the last week of September has now been gradually shelved and I’m starting to feel quite excited about being a spectator. I’m planning to

  • make a short documentary film about a support “crew” – Mark Turner, who’s looking after my Planet X teamie Alan Crossjunkie Dorrigton
  • Find out first hand just how bad parking is for the moaning people supporting the race (since I last spectated in 1994)
  • Watch a race that I fully know the sufferings for, inside out.
I’m kind of excited. Very excited. 
*By the way – I was going really well and would probably have won this year. That cuts deep. 

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