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Geek Out: Scot’s Split Times

Geek ≈ Chic
Image courtesy of Tim Williams on Flickr

Felt Racing’s Scot Easter has done what I wanted to do but couldn’t be arsed, and put the race results through a bit of processing… so now we know, from the split times, interesting things like:

  • Rob Jebb descended Ingleborough under little pressure, being 36th down the descent. H(He probably got a mild shock when his lead there was 25 seconds – down from 3 mins at the summit)
  • Rob Watson beat Ian Taylor to the madman award on Ingleborough descent 
  • Carl Sturgeon still climbs really really well, whilst Lewis Craven didn’t do (particularly after his nasty bang on the calf down to Cold Cotes)
  • Simon Rodgers put in an Incredible Ribblehead to PyG time, overhauling many

View here on Google Drive 
Download here as a XLS spreadsheet

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