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Phil Simcock: PB and hungry for 2014

Phil Simcock is an unsung hero in this race – he’s one of those 24 hour race freaks (okay… just my opinion) who churns away at the pedals very fast, and takes some huge scalps when the clock gets going into overtime. (Including beating Ian Taylor at a 12 hr race, and winning the legendary winter 24 – Strathpuffer)

Phil PBd this style by a good margin, despite even his long-distance legs struggling from the pounding of the first 2 peaks.

By now my legs were starting to rebel. I could feel my head and shoulders drop and my pace slow. I necked another gel and then realised I was out of water! I was soon caught by two other riders and latched on to their back wheels. I recovered in their slipstream for a couple of minutes and then pushed on to do my turn. Surprisingly, my legs responded and I was off again. The gel must have worked.

Read his blog here on the Team JMC site 

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