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Manning Up (Ingleborough)

Cyclocrossrider had five riders in the race this year.  Here’s Konrad’s blog.

Drinking is a priority on the long road section to the foot of Whernside and I forgave the opportunity of riding with a fast group to conserve some energy and not get too carried away. Whernside is probably the hardest of the three mountains, both to climb and descend, and if you are on for a bad day you will start to feel it here. I was losing places on the climb, but kept putting one foot in front of the other as sweat started running into my eyes. Conditions for the race were perfect with no wind and temperatures in the teens and pressed up against the vertical stone staircase of Whernside with a bike on your shoulder can be quite claustrophobic.

Read in full here THE THREE PEAKS is “So damn hard” and here is a seat-mounted cam from Konrad Manning’s Ingleborough ascent (edited by Benedict Campbell).

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