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Andy Ward’s day out “after 12 weeks of obsessive preparation”

Andy Ward blogged a couple of times in the run-up to his first 3 Peaks and got on well – lovely to see someone else is ignited by the passion for this race.

The 34 tooth single chainring set up turned out to be perfect. Not once did I wish for a higher gear, even on the road sections. Cross top brake levers were a brilliant addition, giving me the chance to relieve the pressure on my arms and shoulders whilst controlling my speed on the rocky descents of Whernside and Pen y Ghent. The Smart Sam tires at 70 psi gave decent grip in the boggy sections and did not puncture despite some big hits on the rocky sections.

Read his blog here 

I were right about that saddle though” is all I can think looking at the photo of the post-Penyghent bike.

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