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2016 Entries available and updates to rules

The 2016 entries can be made now in a similar fashion to the last couple of years. Entries are registered as being parked on a pre-selection list,

Entries will close at midnight on Friday June 10th. Your completed entry form will be placed on a waiting list and successful entries will be invited to proceed to payment from June 20th (or shortly afterwards).

“How will I know if it is accepted?”
After June 10th the list of potential entrants on the waiting list will be reviewed – this will take several days. If successful, you will be invited on June 20th or shortly afterwards (by an automated email from SPORTident) to complete the registration and payment procedure on the SportIdent website and then your name will appear on the list of accepted riders published on the SPORTident website. The deadline for completing registration will be June 30th. You are advised to check your junk/spam filter to ensure the email is received on June 20th. Any unsuccessful entrants will be invited to apply to be a marshal for 2016 – those accepted will guarantee their place for 2017 (subject to meeting entry requirements).

Register your entry before 10th June 2016 here

A good scout through the regulations shows a few subtle changes and some better, more descriptive help for support vehicles and riders alike, and the most notable is the survival bag change, where the almost synonymous orange bag can now be replaces by an approved BMC foil bag (not blanket!).  Many will thank Mark Richardson and co for that change, and the weight / bulk loss will help and make the bag more pocketable.

When signing on at Race Control, competitors must produce a whistle and a survival bag (either
an orange polythene bag or a lightweight metalized polyester bag as recommended by the
British Mountaineering Council), which must be carried at all times during the race.

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