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Gary Macdonald interviewed on Scottish Cyclocross “top 5 is a possibility”

Highlands rider Gary MacDonald’s first two 3 Peaks were very impressive. Inside of an Elite time on both occasions, Gary applied supreme fitness (podium-end of the epic Ben Nevis fell race) and enviable skills (Scottish motorcycle trials champion) to put together great rides, and the top non-English finisher both times. Asked on the Scottish Cyclocross site what he’s looking forward to in the coming season, Gary was unequivocal

3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross again. I love this event, even though it makes me want to cry with back pain – it’s my favourite event of the year. I’ve never looked back since my random entry in 2013. Since then I’ve had a solid 8th in 2014 with 3hr 15min, and a 12th last year making up the winning team with Oldham and Jebb. I’d like to think a top 5 is a possibility. Who knows, but with another year or so I’ll eventually build an engine good enough.

Personally, I agree that Gary’ll make the top 5 in coming years if not 2016. And maybe even the podium….? !

Source: 1×10: Gary Macdonald — Scottish Cyclocross

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