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Blog of the 2016 3 Peaks by Verity Appleyard

Verity Appleyard came achingly close to another women’s win in the 3 Peaks on Sunday, trailing winner Delia Beddis by just 23 seconds in the finale.  Verity came away with the veteran’s title and wrote another great blog here

This year seemed hard, though I was ready for it, up for it, couldn’t wait for it. Somehow though, I seemed to struggle, my section times are all slower, I felt the heavy drag of the peat bogs from Ingleborough all the way round. I crashed a couple of times, couldn’t quite let it all out on the descents. I got cold, my hands went a bit numb, braking was haphazard as I lost any sense of modulation. Jaw gritted, I hammered on.

READ IT : 3 Peaks 2016 | Verity Appleyard

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