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Alan Dorrington’s Three Peaks Race Prep

Peaks connoisseur Alan Dorrington knows a thing or two about this race. What this former top ten finisher doesn’t know about the race he’s ridden on and off since the early 90s isn’t really worth knowing. But yet, like us all, a good recce and a good twiddle with the bike set up is never out of the question when you want to make every edition the very best you can.

Gearing is always a difficult thing to gauge for the Peaks – fast road sections give way to the never ending grind up the rough limestone lane on the way to the third and final Peak, Penyghent, where the gradient whilst not steep when fresh, conspires to bring you to a halt on tired legs on the verge of cramping. Having gone for lower and lower gears over the (advancing) years, I have in the past used a 1:1 ratio of say 34×34.

Read ALan’s post here: Three Peaks Race Prep – CycleTechReview

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