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Bruce Dalton’s First 3 Peaks – “Its bloody hard”

All round nice guy and sickeningly handsome ‘cross addict Bruce ‘the face of Gore Bike Wear’ Dalton has achieved a lot in his cycling, and raced with the best in Europe for a season, but his first 3 Peaks, like everyone’s, didn’t disappoint when it came to being bloody hard.

This April I raced the inaugural Dirty Reiver up on the Scottish boarders and I thought afterwards I would do no tougher race for some time. The Reiver was 200km of battling the elements, braving the icy wind and mentally willing yourself to finish. I have however found that in fact I was wrong, the 3 Peaks is harder. I’m not unaccustomed to pain and my regular intense racing during the cross season means that on a nearly daily basis I am used to tasting iron and suffering, but this was different.

Read Bruce’s great blog here: My First 3Peaks – Kinesis Bikes


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