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My 2017 blog of the Three Peaks Cyclocross – a family affair

I always make a point of getting my thoughts together after the 3 Peaks as quickly as I can whilst they’re fresh in my mind. I tend to skim-read through these each year in the run-up to each event to remin dmyself about little details (the mind gets frail over time, you see…) and it helps me get my head together for the next race.

Aside from the practical diary aspect, the 2017 race – my 19th finish – was a great family occasion for me…

… like other years, just another year of ‘of course I’m doing the 3 Peaks’.  But this year’s 3 Peaks stands out in a lovely way in that it not only saw the return to the race of my brother Phil after a 5 year absence, but the next generation of Haygarths took to the race. My nephew Matt was what I think was possibly the youngest of the 650 entrants and I was gushing uncle-pride when he’d entered … never mind actually competed. A real landmark for me.

Read the blog here: 2017 Three Peaks Cyclocross – a family affair

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