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Paul Masson’s travel from the highlands worthwhile – read his blog 

After years of stalking one another on social media, it was great to meet Paul Masson briefly on Sunday. We only managed a minute of chat – I was doing a zillion things aftwer the race, but it’s just great to meet someone face to face. Particularly AFTER the event, when you’re not fraught with nerves.

How to describe the start?It’s like 650 totally wired and hyped up cyclists all trying to get to the front, utter madness.My coach had ‘reassured’ me by saying go as hard as you can right from the gun, get up near the front (well, top 50-60ish) and just hang in there for the rest of the race. Gulp.Heart rate straight up to max and bonkers riding all around me, going from hard on the brakes to stamping out watts that I should only ever see in 20 second intervals. I’m sure there were crashes, there was certainly lots of colourful shouting.

Read the blog: Cycletherapy: 3 Peaks cyclo cross – done.

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