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Gary Macdonald – The Sunday Warrior 

Okay… this is borderline stuff for a 3 Peaks blog but many of you will know the name Gary Macdonald. A motorcycle trials rider in his background, Gary was a relative latecomer to cyclocross. His first four events though speak for themselves.
2014 – 8th
2015 – 12th
2016 – 4th
2017 – 5th

Gary is a prestigious talent. Also placing in 5th place for his ‘local’ fell race the Ben Nevis is also no mean feat.

Wired Tree Videos made this short film about him and it’s well worth a watch. Although it only touches briefly on his cyclocross, it’s nice to see an insight into Gary’s love of Pre-65 Trials and some gobsmacking skills.

[top photo: Patrick Frost]

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