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My sub-optimal 3 Peaks preparation: Will I? Won’t I? Who cares?

My own personal battles with this race have been numerous and well documented. But you never know what’s round the corner. This year, I’ll be very very happy just to get round the course after a nasty car door incident and 4 hrs in hospital last week.  My blog here tells how I’m feeling and how Mr glass-half-full is taking to the start line on Sunday just happy to be there.

The car owner was also with me. He told me he couldn’t see properly before opening his door, because of his retractable mirrors.  He was apologising and looked like a ghost. He was in a mess himself.  His welds on the car door had been wrenched off by mainly my left hand and forearm.  My hand hurt like hell. It all started to piece together now. His door had been hit by a tandem and a Dave at one hell of a pace. It was windy and not only was this strong wind behind Dave, but it was behind the man’s car door

Read my blog: Will I? Won’t I? Who cares?

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