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Jen and Alex Forrester – wed to the 3 Peaks

After enjoying the support of wife Jen for his oodles of completions, Team ZEPNAT Hampshire representative Alex Forrester lost his helper this year. Jen was riding for the first time.

Belter of a blog post as we might expect from the connoisseur of cross and perfecter of ‘peaks Alex, co-written by Jen.

With the kind of detail I adore, we get stats, we get the prep, we get the background, we get Alex milling and turning his own puncture noodle inserter thingie on his own lathe. Nice touch. A cracker. Read it and absorb, peaks fans.

Slow going, but I was fit, and I knew it. It wouldn’t last forever. I just had to keep moving. This was a small hill. Keep moving, just keep moving. I think that’s all I thought, all the way up, except when I was caught by Kate, said a quick “hi there” and trudged on. We stayed close for a bit but I took the fence line and she went straight up the grass. I like the idea of the safety net, but the muddy steps were slippy so I climbed a little away from the wall. As we hit the steepest section (Alex had warned me there were two, so I wasn’t shocked when I hit it), the silence was eerie. I wondered if it was reminiscent of a battle.

Jen Forrester


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