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2006 Entries full !

In record time, the 2006 Three Peaks cyclo-cross is full. Entries have been accepted for a record 400 riders.

John Rawnsley, the event organiser since its inception in 1961 told us that “we put the forms on the site on the first of July, we had 400 riders on the 29th July – exactly 4 weeks after entry forms becoming available. It’s always been our policy to have no substitutes, but there’s been an out-pouring of emotion on the forum, so we’ve decided this year to keep a few entries by and see if we have any cancellations. This will be up until the end of the first week in September, but after that, we go to print with the final list of riders.” John added that “If we allocate places to cancelled entries, it will be to riders who have already sent in entry forms and not to new entrants as the entry forms are no longer available on the website.”

Asked whether the policy would change with entries on the day (in place of riders who hadn’t turned up), John was adamant that “There’s no way we could do it – How do we know that someone isn’ty having a bad journey and getting there ten minutes before the start – just imagine how they’d feel if we’d allocated their number to someone else.” Note to all entered riders – PLEASE let the organisers know if you’re not going to be able to make this year’s race.

John went on to mull over the growing popularity of the Three Peaks. “It’s amazing – when I read the forum I can’t believe how many people there are who are obsessed by the race. It’s not just us – the Etape du Dales filled up in no time at all – and the Fred Whitton ride took four days to fill up. What’s reassuring is that there’s no-one entered who isn’t capable of finishing – the quality’s there in depth”.

John also voiced frustrations about people asking needless questions – both by email and on the forum. “I get people asking things about the event that shows that they obviously haven’t read the rules and regulations. It’s frustrating to say the least.

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