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Phil’s training diary 2. So far so good…..

So far so good – I managed a lovely 45 minute evening run along to the Tay Bridge from my Hotel in Dundee on Monday evening. Back home on Tuesday, after putting the children to bed, I managed an evening 70 minute road ride with hill intervals. Sadly I think that is my last chance now for evening road rides this summer – here in the south west it gets dark about 7.45 now. Last night, on Thursday evening, ran with the dog (well actually the dog walked and he was still faster than me!) to the top of Cosdon Beacon close to my house, which included four 6 minute interval sessions, a lovely 1800 ft summit on Dartmoor – ideal training territory. Felt good, but not wanting to risk injury to my knackered joints I took it easy on the way down – it’s always the descents that seem to induce injury me and there is no point in descent run training for the peaks. Today I ‘rested’ – a busy day doing a PhD viva in Bristol, strewth that’s enough to wring anyone out and I was the examiner not the candidate! Just finished putting my X bike together this evening whilst watching the Rugby- I hope my 3 peaks goes better that England’s performance against the Springboks. I must mention my friend Trevor Page, a solid 4 hour merchant, who swares by this web site for those who are into the technical side of training. Tomorrow I’m off onto the moor with the X bike and on Sunday I am planning a 40-50 mile road ride, which may include a stint on the cycle path with the kids! Just over two weeks to go and it is getting late on a Friday night, should I have another glass of beer? Oh shucks, why not, I reckon I deserve it….Phil

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