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It’s been a bit of an odd training week, I still feel things are okay on balance, but I know for a fact that I haven’t done enough endurance stuff this year and am likely to suffer as a consequence. I’ve still got seven or eight days ahead to do some long stuff, but in honesty I don’t think I’m going to fit anything exceeding three hours into the schedule.

All this might not sound good news for me, but it’s not all bad. I seem to have found a new level of intensity in my training. If I have forty five minutes for a run, then I seem to be able to really push it dead hard.

What I thought I’d write about though is how enjoyable and interesting my training’s become (for me!) since I got my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS. You’re either very interested or not interested at all in things like these. I got one earlier this year and it’s been such a bonus to look at my real-time speed or pace when I’m running, and then I have the bonus of looking at all the stats from my rides or runs when I get home. Average and max heart rate, speed, elevation, all mile by mile… the opportunity for geeky interpretation of the stats is endless. At times, it positively helps me to push myself harder on runs when I can see my average pace, and that helps a great deal.

The other thing that’s really nice about it is that this website helps you to upload your runs or rides and view them in Google Earth, or google maps (see below), colourised by speed.

I’m looking forward to pouring through the stats and uploading the map in two weeks’ time.

See the following map miles better in Google Earth here.

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