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1995 Results and report

I was digging through the loft the other day for some stuff for the race I organise and came across my ‘cycling keepsakes’ box. Apart from some photos of me in dodgy purple cycling shoes and a very dated cycling helmet, I came across my own written report from the first time I rode the event. I wrote it up for the cycling club newsletter (Cheltenham & County CC was my club of the time).

I’m glad I found it – I know it sounds daft but I’d glossed over some of those firast timer’s thoughts in the years that have passed riding the event, and I wanted to share them with you all….

Also, you’ll find the results, which pre-date any online results – (the official site’s results go back to 1997 at the moment). If anyone has any old results, I’d love to collate them – and share them with Keith over at the ‘real’ 3 Peaks Cyclocross site.

3 peaks report 1995



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