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Phil Haygarth: back after a year off

My brother Phil’s just updated his blog and posted his memories of the 2010 race.  It was great to see Phil back in the race again this year after an exceptionally busy 2009.  He rode his first event a year before mine – in 1994, and I remember riding round, supporting him on my road bike, which he eventually had to take from me at Ribblehead and complete the race on after a mechanical (complete with road bike tyre clearance and 28mm cross tubs!)

This year’s race was an enjoyable outing for him and he got to within spitting distance of a PB after all this time, but his enjoyment is far more than performance-measured…

It was unusually social event this year, finding myself around lots of old ‘mates’ – one classic moment there was a line of myself, Matthew Bardgett, Sam Clarke & Carl Nelson all riding in a line across the top of Whernside – I quiped ‘if we see a pub we must stop for a pint’.

Phil’s blog of the 2010 event is below. Click on my brother, my neice, or either of my nephews!

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