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Get Cross – A Cyclocross Skills course with Skills expert Ed Oxley

Last Year’s 3 Peaks Cyclocross saw me having to deal with only one brake for 2 and a half of the three peaks, and in my own blog post last year, I  wrote:

“… it’s fairly obvious that this is the type of race that not being in control is not a good thing. I had to work with what I’d got” …. “A day of skills training from MTB Skills coach Ed Oxley in summer came into force, and rather than slowing the bike with my brake, I was forced to pick my lines well, nail them, and have confidence in where I was going. It was more about confidence than nerve” …. “It soon made sense and I didn’t lose any places….”

It’s coming to that time of the year again. Your bikes are being built up, cobwebs dusted off, and the endless summer sun (??) has made your legs the powerhouses you always dreamed of. But wait…! Have you got all the gear you need? Allow me to do a checklist for you:

  • State of the art Bike []
  • Wheel bling []
  • Legs like Cancellara []
  • Cyclocross Skills [] … (eh??)

Yep – you can buy the first two if you’re so inclined. You could enjoy the wall to wall sunshine of the British summer to get the third one. But 10th September at Lee Quarry in Lancashire is when you can UPGRADE YOURSELF and to learn to ride your cyclocross bike PROPERLY.

Ed Oxley – famous for his MTB skills courses, will be joining forces with Lancashire based ‘crossers Alan Dorrington and myself  to combine his ‘be the bike’ skills coaching with their extensive years of cyclocross experience.

You can book your place on the event here

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