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Steve Riley: Once more unto the madness

Steve, left, descends to Cold Cotes

Steve’s a great friend whose arm I ruthlessly twisted into his first 3 peaks in 2009.  By his turning up to do the event again this year, I trust that friendship is possibly back on.

Steve’s a writer by profession and his blog posts always make a good read.  He’s even written for us here on this blog before.  Read his 2011 update here

“We climb. Now we’re on grass, getting muddy, getting steeper. Then it gets really steep. Nothing really prepares a first-timer for the horror of Simon Fell, but this time I was more ready for it. I got my head down and plugged away, picking off places, alone on the right away from the mule train.”

He’s also added some of his personal photos from the day here on his Flickr account

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