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Pete Aylward’s 2023 Whernside gallery

Patrick Frost’s 2023 Album

Steve Fleming’s 2023 photos

Wheelbase Cycles /80 new photos by James Vincent.

539 photos from Whernside and Ribblehead from Luke Briggs Media

121 photos of Colt Cotes and the race finish by Mike Clark

121 Blea Moor photos from Rob Atkins on FLickr

Gary and Laura Jackson’s Little Dale / Blea Head 2022 photos

Adam Pridmore’s Simon Fell and Horton Scar Lane pics from 2022

Ian Dunn’s 879 PyG photos from 2019

Ian Forsyth’s Simon Fell photo make The Times ‘pictures of the week’

David Rice’s Facebook gallery of 132 2019 3 Peaks

868 Photos from Cod Bank (Gill Garth descent) of the 2019 3 Peaks by Robert Mahoney

Rob Atkins’ 161 Blea Moor photos from 2019 3 Peaks

‘Cyclist’ magazine report on 2019: “Education First’s Lachlan Morton finishes fourth at Three Peaks Cyclocross race”

Danny Branston’s 24 2019 pics on Twitter

Dan Monaghan ‘host photographer’ for EF Education First at 3 Peaks

Stephen Smith’s 2019 3 Peaks photos

Descent from Pen-y-ghent Summit – photos from Ben Pilkington of the 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2019 

Patrick Frost’s 2019 photos from Penyghent

Muddy Gorilla’s 2019 photos from Ribblehead (Blea Moor) and Penyghent

24 Photos from 2019 race by Phil Haygarth

66 presentation photos from 2019 from me

162 photos from Mo Leeming-Sykes on Flickr of 2019 race

James Lucas’ 2018 pics on Instagram

Stephen Smith’s 550 photos from the 2018 3 Peaks 

Cadence Images (Dan Monaghan) images on Domestique Magazine site 

Sam Needham on Instagram: “Three Peaks Cyclocross, you really are one of a kind. It’s good that way 🙌🏻. Shot at today’s race for @hopetech .”

David Rice’s 2018 photos from Whernside

Dan Hall’s 85 photos from 2018 on Facebook

JT Sports Media’s 50 Photos on Facebook 

3 Peaks 2018 pics by Mike Adams photography

Joolze Dymond’s Whernside 2018 pics

2390 images from Steve Harling shot on Whernside

Muddy Gorilla’s 2018 photos

Steve Fleming’s 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2018 Gill Garth and PYG photos

Racing Snakes 2018 Photos from Whernside 

Simon Fell Framed Prints now available to raise cash for #rideforcharlie 

Dan “Don” Monaghan’s Photo Essay on CXMagazine 2017

A sublime 100 3 Peaks 2017 photos from  Cadence Images Photography

Craig Zadoroznyj Photography’s 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross pics

James Lucas’ collection on Instagram

Patrick Frost’s Penyghent summit Three Peaks 2017 photos 

Joolze Dymond’s 80 images to view / buy from the 2017

111 Horton Scar Lane and Start photos by Peter Towell

Cyclocross handbook – Jack Chevell’s photo blog of the Three Peaks Cyclocross 2017 

141 Whernside to Ribblehead via Blea Moor pics from Rob Atkins

Over 1200 Three Peaks 2017 photos by Steve Harling

Andy Jones’ 2017 gallery on Cycling Weekly

Andy Whitworth’s 25th

Chris Meads Photography’s Three Peaks Cyclocross 2017 photos

Stephen Smith’s 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross pics on Flickr

Racing Snakes Photography’s 2017 3 Peaks Cyclocross photos 

Joolze Dymond

Andrew Ward’s 35 photos from Cold Cotes 2017 

Steve Fleming’s 140+ photos of Gill Garth and Penyghent

Hundreds of 2017 photos from Steve Harling

Sportsunday 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross 2017 photos

Joolze Dymond’s race and face galleries

Phil Blaylock’s 159 2016 Whernside photos

146 Photos of the 54th Annual 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross from Rob Atkins on Whernside

442 photos by Patrick Frost of the 2016 Three Peaks Cyclocross 

187 2016 race photos by Craig Zadoroznyj Photography 

Scott Weston’s 161 photos on Facebook

Chris Meads’ photo blog from 2016 on ShoottheBikeRace

24 photos from Giles Dumont of the 2016 3 Peaks on Google Photos

CYCLOCROSS HANDBOOK photo blog of 2016

Three Peaks Cyclocross 2016 by Mabvith

Yellowbelly’s 2016 Penyghent photos

565 2016 Whernside pics from Steve Harling

2016 Whernside photos from Racing Snakes Photography

Nikki Willis’ 2016 Simon Fell photos

11 Andy Jones pictures of the 2016 race on Cycling Weekly

Tom Hardie’s 13 pics of Cold Cotes 2016 on Facebook

Bambi on the course

984 Simon Fell & Penyghent photos from Steve Fleming

62 Photos from Phil Haygarth

Whernside 2016 photos from SportSunday

Chris Meads Photography | 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross 2016

Jack splats

Patrick Frost’s 367 Penyghent pics

85 PYG pics from Clare Crabtree

1139 pics from that 2015 race at the start and PYG from John McCann on Flickr

75 epic pics from Russell Ellis on Flickr

Mick Kenyon’s Whernside Summit photos from 2015

Yellowberry’s 385 Simon Fell photos

1240 pics in Dropbox from Rick Byers

Scott Weston’s pics from PYG on Facebook

Andy Jackson’s 2015 Penyghent summit pics on Facebook

Cycling Weekly’s images from Andy Jones

Steve Fleming’s 2015 IGB and PYG photos

Ingleborough 2015 pics by John Myhill

Zillions of pics from Chris Meads photography

John Myhill’s 2015 pics from Penyghent

Neil Coverley’s 2015 pics on Facebook

Nicole Willis’ 2015 pics from Simon Fell and Chapel le Dale

Adrian Nichols’ blue sky 2015 pics on SportSunday

Phil Haygarth’s 2015 photos

Barry auditions for The Sweeney? No – it’s just the 70s. Exclusive pics from Barry Davies

Andy Holden’s 257 2014 photos on Flickr

Joolze’s full 2014 gallery on Flickr

EVERY (??) Rider photographed on Whernside by DrBernoulli

Nathaniel Rosa’s beautiful 2014 photos

Jon Myhill’s 2014 album on Flickr

Russell Ellis’s full set of 144 pics on Flickr – The 3 Peaks – The peculiarly British cross race

Zillions of photos from @Sportsunday here from the start, Cold Cotes, PYG and near the finish

Russell Ellis’ photos of 2014

Andrew Burgess’ Whernside summit 2014 pics

Neil Coverley’s 2014 pics of Ingleborough, Horton and Penyghent

Neil Welsh’s 2014 Cold Cotes and PYG photos

Scott Weston’s Start, PYG and FInish 2014 pics

Cyclocrossrider: 3peaks in 100 images: Penyghent

Barry Davies – Part 2 of retro pics

Cyclocrossrider picture post: Whernside

Whilst on the subject of LEGENDs – Barry Davies

Cyclocrossrider picture post: Ingleborough

3 x 3 Peaks winners in one photo – 1970, Zolder

Simon Fell and Scar Lane photos from Yellowberry

Tim Kelly – 56 Ribblehead Photos

50 Cold Cotes pics from Ben Green

Ray Stuart’s pics on

Patrick Frost’s 182 Penyghent Flickr pics

54 Flickr pics from Jon Myhill

DrBernoulli – 97 Penyghent pics on Flickr

923 photos from Chris Meads photography

Jak Ba – 78 Ingleborough photos on Flickr

Someone’s been busy… 260 photos from Graham Atkinson

Emma Osenton – getting it right first time

Ed Rollason’s PYG and ‘Above’ Cold Cotes photos

What’s the hoo haa all about?

48 lovely moody monochrome pics from Colliewobbles on Flickr

Mike Simmonds – 31 pics on UKCyclocross

SportSunday pics from … all around

48 Flickr photos from Horton from Paul Davy

101 Photos from Paul Hutton on Flickr

68 Photos from Gilly Dukes on Flickr

45 Photos from a miserable non -starter at Ribblehead

13 Photos from the busy Neil Coverley

“MoreCowbell” – 28 photos

Cycling Weekly 2013 report and gallery

53 photos from Ellie Jackson

Frischnecht: I do this crazy race only once in my lifetime

Hope’s snaps

Racing Snakes’ IGB pics from 2012

British Cycling PYG 2012 pics

Colt Coated in Mud

Cycling Weekly 2012 gallery from Andy Jones

Andrew Kennedy 2012 pics from Simon Fell

Cheryl King’s 2012 Photos

Neil Coverley’s photos on Facebook

Ed Rollason photography’s Photo essay of the 2012 race

Images from 2011 race by Andy Spencer

John the Scone’s Flickr Pics of PYG and Simon Fell

Phil’s Flickr Pics

Singlespeed blues from Dave Barter

Russ Jones’ pics on Cross Crazy

Support Crew pics for Here Come the Belgians

Steve Riley: Once more unto the madness

Andy Holden’s PYG and Simon Fell photos on Flickr

The Kinesis Crossdresser

Neil Coverley’s gallery on Facebook

Cycling Weekly photos

Martin Henson’s CyclicngImages pics

Ed Rollason’s 2011 photos on Flickr

284 Photos from Steve Fleming on FLickr

Ryan Hawson’s pics on Facebook

Pics from Theo Stead on Facebook

Scott Brown’s 2010 3 peaks pics on Picassa

123 Pics from Pete Hartley

Phil Haygarth’s gazillion photos on Flickr

More Photos – Bina Briggs and Matt Muir

Shaggy John’s bikes before battle commenced

More Wheelbase photos on Flickr

Neil Coverley’s ‘very special’ photos of a dedicated Nick Craig fan

Keith Murray’s support team’s photos from Penyghent and Ribblehead

Russ Jones’ Facebook photo gallery

199 Photos from Team Wheelbase

Another Penyghent slideshow from Anthony – ‘wonkytripod’

Richard Seipp’s photos available to buy in their original high quality…

Melodrama from Steve Fleming

Cycling Weekly’s 25 well crafted pics

CyclingFocus photos from 2010

109 more photos from 2010 uploaded by Richard Seipp

c. 1400 Photos on the SportSunday website

Penyghent and Gill Garth videos AND photos from TheWonkyTripod

50 pics from Richard Seipp

8 Photos by Bryn Lennon / Getty Images of 2010 race

Cycling Focus pics on Flickr

Wig Worland’s 2010 photos for British Cycling on Flickr

94 Photos from Ian Hodgson on Flickr

My Photos of the Helwith Bridge finish area, 2010

Cheryl King’s images from 2010

28 photos and a number one super guy.

327 Penyghent photos from Anthony Crosland

Hundreds of Hi Res photos by Phil Haygarth on Flickr

Hundreds of Penyghent pics from Martin of CyclingImages

16 Flickr photos from Theo Stead

Pete Hartley’s 2009 pics from Gill Garth and PYG

Flickr group opened…. ‘Team’ photos

Mick Kenyon’s photos from Penyghent Lane

Cycling Weekly Andy Jones pics 2009

Ian Hodgson hi res photos show the battle in detail

More photos on Flickr: CameraRepublic

My snaps from before and after

More photos on Flickr: Wig Worland and

STACKS of Early 2009 Photos on Flickr

Some photos from the 1980s

Quality Photos… this must mean Waugh

Jebb’s Cannondale CX9

Penyghent photos from Cycling Images

Official website photos up

Kennedy Images photos 2008

Lots of pics from Ribblehead from Ian Brierly

Steve Makin set of pics on Flickr

Podium photos from 2008

2008 Penyghent photos from Richard Starkie

2008 Photos from Andy Rushforth

The bicycle thief

Simon Scarsbrook’s piccies from the 2005 race

Phil Haygarth: Not his best, not his worst, but somewhere in the middle!

A mere 650 photos from Pete Hartley

British Cycling’s race report and photos

2006 official photo gallery

More pics, this time from Andy Rushforth

Mark Lenderyou’s Ingleborough pics

Another odd name, another fine set of snaps.

Johnbh100’s Whernside pics

24 09 2006: How was it for you?

Nick Wallis’ v. professional looking photos for Singletrack magazine

Bingley Harriers photos of the 2005 race

Cycling Weekly piccies by Andy Jones.

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