Fantastic blog here by Ed Edwards on the Retrobike forum.  I’m not sure whether Jean Paul Sartre ever rode the 3 peaks actually.  Or Kate Moss.  But it’s worth thinking of at times when your head’s under pressure.

“I was feeling increasingly weary and the cut off was looking a challenge so to fortify myself I pondered about what Jean Paul would do (that’s J-P Sartre, rather than Jean-Paul who featured in my ‘O’ Level French textbooks). I found that this line of thought made my head hurt so instead focused on thoughts of Kate Moss’ charming bosom, circa 2001. As if by magic I was at the bottom of Whernside in one piece.”

This, my friends, is why I love the 3 peaks cyclocross.  It’s like a literature festival at the moment   Ed’s time of 6hrs 26 was a near time-cutoff thing, but just imagine missing out on writing like this?!