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Really geeking out on this at the moment.  It’s a great visual way of seeing where youyr strengths and weaknesses were in this year’s 3 peaks cyclocross.

(I’ve found out that the descent off Penyghent was where I lost most of my time)

What else you will learn:

  • Andy Peace would probably be on the podium again if he descended as well as Rich Thackery or Ian Taylor (and if Jebby wasn’t racing!)
  • Rich Thackery yet again takes the Penyghent descent leg – utter downhill god.
  • Lewis Craven’s 14 mins by the roadside at Stoors Common with no puncture support cost him another possible podium place
  • People lower down the field had relatively much poorer legs for the Ribblehead > PYG leg.  Fatigue..!

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