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2012: The final 3 peaks cyclocross.

It’s not scaremongering.  It just might be.  Could we live without the 3 Peaks cyclocross?

As you probably know, John Rawnsley’s event organisation for every 3 Peaks Cyclocross since 1961 has been well documented as being something very special.  John was brought into the British Cycling Hall of Fame – one of the 50 honoured by British Cycling last year. It is an immense task.  Has John’s huge success as an organiser made the race unsustainable?

Although there is a plan for legacy, it is a daunting task.  John will stay on in an advisory capacity but getting willing volunteers is a tough task.  Keith Parkinson (the official website administrator – and a long time fanatic of the race) is helping co-ordinate the tasks and ‘administer’ jobs.

So the race you love is hereby asking how you can help – can you volunteer to keep this race alive into 2012 and beyond?

Please contact Keith Parkinson – in the first instance.

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