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Porsonal Worst but it’s just the best

I think Simon Fox’s feelings on a year of ‘slow times’ echo those of a lot of us.   It’s a strange feeling of elation just getting to the finish and getting warm again.  Something akin to survival. A good feeling and one that you’re not hurt.

After a while the bugs start to creep in and you start being less chuffed with yourself

I thanked my lucky stars when the car arrived just as I got to the road and I was able to peel my sodden kit off and get some food inside me. Then it was time to reflect. My feelings veered between two polar opposites: I was disappointed to be unable to record a good time despite all the work I had put in. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep battering my body, especially my arthritic knees, so the amount of races I do in future is going to start lessening. On the other hand I had survived an event that, I’m sure, will be spoken of in hushed tones in years to come. Not only survived it but had actually loved it.

Great blog as usual, Simon. 

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