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Emma Osenton – getting it right first time

I’ve known Emma for a bit. I say known… it’s how it is these days – in the world of social media we forge these friendships yet rarely actually see the people involved. It was a great pleasure to share a sportive ride with Emma and my team mate Alan last week in Rotherham (here…), and much of the background angst of a first 3 Peaks for Emma could be felt.  (Especially when she repeatedly motored off up the climbs… )

Emma’s written a great piece here on UKCyclocross. It sounds a bit patronising but it’s so nice to see someone who smiles and tries at the same time. It’s a rare thing. Emma always has that look of mild enjoyment blended in to the suffering and pain.

Like all first-timers, she’s learnt a lot doing the race, but she also did her homework and got a good ride in the bag first time out. Well done!
Nicest bit:

“I pass a guy who’s just started to tell me that he’s totally cooked but suddenly stops to say “Gosh what a lovely outfit” thanks to the oh so talented Morvelo and their great designs!”

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