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Dean Barnett – “Excited doesn’t come close”

I couldn’t help putting this here. Dean Barnett – another really big name in cross over the years – posted this to friends on Facebook, so I can’t post a link, but to hell with that privacy nonsense… se many of the emotion and passion here is what we’re about in this race. 

There is only event I can honestly say I will break into a sweat for!
Long gone are the days when I wanted a result, nowadays I run or cycle so that I can enjoy this unique event and not spend the day blowing out my arse suffering.
Every July I knuckle down and focus on the last Sunday in September.
From a wee lad watching my father race ‘the Peaks’ ,his best placing was 3rd, I have always been drawn by the romance of ‘the Peaks’ returning each year either as a competitor or a rider.
The dream of winning the event never quite happened, 2nd was my best placing. That day I used 4 bikes and had two support teams!
Once again, like most of the riders, I will be going solo – one bike, bottles stashed in dry stone walls and the odd secret stash of Jaffa cakes along the route.
‘Excited’ doesn’t come close!
I love event, the people, the brutality, the tradition and the epic adventure.
Bring on the ‘Worlds Toughest Cross race’, wishing Adrian Killworth, Andrew Wood and my fellow competitors a great safe race!
See you all on Sunday morning. 

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