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Jamie Burrow recalls a bleak 1994 ‘peaks

Jamie Burrow – former U23 ‘cross champion and UCI U23 road star now works for Planet X Bikes, and launching their ‘3 Peaks Edition’ of the Viner  Bikes Strada Bianca, Jamie’s recounted a blundering error brought on by the enthusiasm of youth in his first – and only 3 Peaks Cyclocross.

“I travelled to the event with my parents, and good friend Jeff, who had ridden the 2 previous editions, and given me some useful tips. “Pace yourself and eat”. “Ok Jeff I will”. So as soon as the starter’s gun went, who was first across the cattle grids and onto Ingleborough? You guessed it! I think my head was still in 10 mile TT mode. I held the front runners all the way up and over the first peak. Descending through the first Pits, and past the first sign of any life that wasn’t a random sheep hiding against a dry stone wall. Jeff and mum were super enthused by my 5th Place, less than a minute behind the eventual winner, National Pro champ Chris Young.”

Read more here over on the Planet X Bikes site

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