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“A celebration of focus and daft” – Steve Riley’s take on the “first one in his 50s” 3 Peaks

I’ve known fellow ‘peaks rider Steve Riley for a very long time and go on regular annual mountain trips with he and a bunch of other great gentlemen. Heck, I liked him so much, I asked him to come and work with me, and now he’s a goddam colleague. *

“Training has been insufficient. Training is always insufficient. Short of regular birchings, naked jetwashes and even some biking and running, I’m not sure even the folk at the front go into the race with a satisfied ‘Yes, I’ve got this!'”

Read this on Steve’s ace Furious Cycling blog here

*Steve and I went and did a bit of a training session together (both work and cyclocross) a couple of weeks ago… here he is.

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