Dave Powell, One of the Team JMC 24hr MTB heroes and connoisseur of the daft-ride, Summer Hill Climb expert, and rapidly improving cyclocross enthusiast, completed the ‘peaks again this year. Dave’s progress was hampered by a couple of mechanicals and not quite getting with the flat-out 23 mph group up to Gill Garth

“So here we go again”, I think to myself as the lead out vehicle apparently sets off from the front of the tightly massed throng I’ve found myself buried deep within. I’m aware of it only because of the cheer slowly rippling it’s way through us towards the back of the pack. The time to clip in and actually start to edge forward won’t come for a few moments more as 600 riders shuffle and scrape towards getting going. The front few rows are already up over 20mph when we finally start to raise our heartrates and hit the open road. That’s the way it always is.

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