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Chipps on “Why suspension will never be allowed”

Enjoyable read here from Chipps Chippendale over on the site.

I find myself frequently being asked to ‘defend’ the way that the ‘Peaks is a little backward-looking on the face of it. I love development of tech but I also love the fact that this race respects itself more than others. Proper Yorkshire.

“No suspension will be allowed. John Rawnsley {the previous organiser} and I had a lengthy discussion and John also consulted with British Cycling. We feel the need to preserve the nature of the event and not to allow it to evolve into a MTB race, for example John banned flat bars when disc brakes became popular. Gravel is something else and not to be confused with CX so we won’t be allowing larger tyres in {either}.”

Love or (more likely) hate those fugly Lauf forks and their affront to all mankind, have a good read here

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