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Scot Easter talks 3 Peaks Cyclocross and plans to get to number 10. 

Scot Easter (officially in the top 3 handsome gents in cyclo-cross) has completed 9 events and will hope for his 10th this Sunday. On the more experienced end of the scale, it’s always interesting to know what gear people end up riding and why. Interestingly, the longer you’ve ridden this race, the more you end up settling on what works.

Gearing: I’m a cyclist and loose time when on foot so the longer I can stay on the bike on the climbs the better.  My gearing is a super low 36T x 11/42.  It does mean my highest gear for the road sections is compromised and run the risk of spinning out, but at least it stops me from going too hard and should help save my legs for the climbs. Gears: I’ve always run Shimano on my cross bikes but have moved over to SRAM, the long cage CX1 mechs can cope with a 42T cassette without any widgets/adaptors and the

Read it here: Scot Easter talks 3 Peaks Cyclocross… – MAGSPEED RACING 

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