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My own Three Peaks Cyclocross 2018 blog: “The “twenty” edition” 

Just like the 3 Peaks itself, it would be weird if I didn’t write a little post and gather all my own thoughts. I like to write them down before time blows over the detail

My issues aside, it was a great year, conditions-wise. The two significant road sections were generally as wind-assisted as is possible (considering they face in different directions!) and the ground was really dry, visibility good, etc. I enjoyed the parts that didn’t involve too much hand-action.  I rode near the front on the first part up to Gill Garth because I was in no mood to get brought down by some crash in a pack of 595 starters. Then I eased off and adopted my ‘just get round’ philosophy pretty easily

Source: Three Peaks Cyclocross 2018 – The “twenty” edition

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