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Paul Masson’s Cycletherapy blog: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2018

Paul’s 7 hr journey back from Helwith Bridge must have been a killer. Not the journey, just the fact that he couldn’t have a few ales after the race.

First checkpoint after the horrendous slog up Ingleborough and I was up on time a wee bit, but by the checkpoint at the bottom of the hill I was well up on last years split. Grabbed my bottle on a cane (always a wee boost to morale when I see it’s still there) and head down for a fast roadie bit to the next hill. No help on this leg, just head down and pedal hard. The next hill, Whernside, is a real leg killer, with hundreds of stone steps at just the wrong height. However, time split on reaching the top wa

Great write-up of his much improved time – his 3hrs 31 must have smarted a bit, but it’s a lovely improvement. Read here : Cycletherapy: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2018

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